What are some Indian stocks which pays monthly dividend (combined) - Excluding Mutual Funds

What are some quality Bluechip Indian stocks which pay a monthly dividend (combined) - Excluding Mutual Funds

Example in the US Market:

  • AT&T (T) and AbbVie (ABBV) with dividend payments in February, May, August and November.
  • Target (TGT) and Chevron (CVX), with payments in March, June, September and December.
  • Sysco (SYY) and Wal-Mart Stores (WMT), with payments in January, April, July and October.

What is the need?

Just to get monthly income from dividends. Just asking.

you can always sell few shares as and when you need… that is a better with taxation

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I’m holding some shares more than 1 year (Zerodha is showing it as ‘Long Term Holdings’).

If I sell them - the profit from it won’t add to my income slab right? Example:- My FY income is 5L and the long term capital gain is 1L. So, my total income is 6L. Still I’m tax free right?

Do I have to pay tax on dividends I get on the U.S market? The U.S gov already detect dividend tax on it.

Also, I can offset the trading gains on the U.S market with the loss on the Indian market right?

I would suggest you to also consult with couple of different CAs.

that was very interesting question , but i doubt if CA’s would be able to answer them.

infact it could be very useful in tax saving and optimizing investments.

  1. While determining your tax liability LTCG is separately considered to be taxed at 10 percent over and above 1lakhs. So yes, you will still have no tax to pay.

  2. Depend on DTAA between India and US.

Dividend paid by a resident company of a contracting state to a resident of the other contracting state, may be taxed in that other state.
Eg: If a US Company pays a dividend to an Indian Resident shareholder, then the dividend income will be liable to tax in India. Further, USA (Company paying the dividend) also has a right to tax the said dividend in their state. However, if the beneficial shareholder is a resident of India i.e. a resident of the other contracting state, then the tax so charged shall not exceed:

|a)|The beneficial owner is a company which owns at least 10% of the voting stock of the company paying the dividend|15% of the gross amount of dividend|

|(b)|Other Cases|25% of the gross amount of dividend|

Further DTAA states that, If an Indian Resident derives income and the same is taxed in the United States, then India shall allow the amount equal to the income tax paid in the United States, as a deduction. However, such deduction shall not exceed the Indian tax paid on the foreign income earned.

Also. Any CA would be able to clear this doubt. May be you just didn’t consult any.