What are STT charges?

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SECURITIES TRANSACTION TAX (STT) is applicable to the ONLY sale of equity shares, Future Contract and Option Contract.

STT for Future presently 0.01 % or Rs 100 per Crore for Future Contract

STT for Option presently 0.017 % or Rs 1700 per Crore for Option Premium sold


Securities Transaction Tax (STT) is a way for the Government to earn revenue out of trades that take place on the Secondary markets. It was introduced as a levy in the year 2004 by the then Finance minister P.Chidambaram. It is quiet often seen by traders/investors as a deterrent to trade/invest in the secondary markets and the rates have reduced since the time it was introduced.

You’ll get the rates of STT in the link posted by Nithin below.


Source: http://www.keralabanking.com/html/what_is_stt_.html

Securities Transaction Tax

The securities Transaction Tax or STT was introduced in October 2004.  STT is tax on profit on transactions on specified securities in the stock exchange such as equity shares, derivatives or units of equity oriented mutual funds etc at a prescribed rate and is levied on the value of transaction.  The tax is levied on both delivery and non-delivery of transactions for purchase or sale of equity shares, equity oriented mutual funds at differential rates.  The tax to be levied is determined by the Central Government and would vary with the kind of transaction.

Generally, people some time do not even realize that they have already paid the STT as it is added to the transaction price automatically.

Save your Tax by attaching STT certificate

There is a certificate of STT which can be collected from your broker.  It can be collected at the end of the year to get the amount deducted from your short term capital to save tax.  If your capital gain is for more than a year, you will need to pay Capital Gains Tax.  If it is for less than a year, then the STT will be adjusted to the tax that is payable.

How is STT rates calculated?

The rate of STT varies according to the type of security and type of transaction.

  • Purchase/Sale of equity shares, units of equity oriented mutual fund-0.125%
  • Sale of equity shares, units of equity oriented mutual fund (non –delivery based)-0.025%
  • Sale of an option in securities-0.017%
  • Sale of an option in securities, where option is exercised-0.125%
  • Sale of a futures in securities-0.017%
  • Sale of unit of an equity oriented fund to the Mutual Fund-0.25%

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http://zerodha.com/website/charge-list , you can see the STT charges for the various segments.

I suspect there is some mistake, it is not Rs 100 per crore it is just 0.01 % on turnover for futures.

Typo Rs 1000 Per Crore ( its Equal to 0.01 %) for Future (Stock and Index)

Product type doesn’t matter, this comes under intraday trade so charges will be accordingly.

@Nakul Can you.

We’re adding it on Console v2 which will be launched soon. You’ll get the tradewise charges on your tradebook.

Hello @nithin

I buy “BEL” @151 , 40 Quantity

(and after 1 day ) (This is a delivery trade)

I sell “BEL” @164.95 , 40 Quantity.

According to “STT” charges mention on website which is 0.1% on buy and sell side
My “STT” should be 13 rupees
Screenshot 2021-06-24 211720

“But as it is showing 93 rupees can you explain me why so ?”

STT is a securities transaction tax. It is charged when you buy or sell a stock in the stock market provided that the stock market is recognized.

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@siva For Intraday trades in CNC modes can you please clarify how is the STT and other charges charged?

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You can check here.

@siva I just need clarification regarding the STT charges, if I take trade in CNC and close at the END of the day, how is STT charged? (there are answers in the forum but all are contradictory)

Is STT charged @ 0.1% on both BUY/SELL or is it charged @ 0.025% on the sell side :pray:


If you buy and sell the same day. it will be considered as an intraday trade irrespective of whatever product type you used ( CNC or MIS ).

STT charged for such transaction will be 0.025% on the sell-side

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