What are the current tradeable commodities

Isn’t sugar available for trading on Zerodha?
I see Zinc, but cannot trade. continue to get a “RMS:Blocked for mcx_fo CARDAMOM19JANFUT block type: ALL” - what could the issue be?

natgas curdeoil copper lead silver nickel gold plus some more but this few will suffice for any trader

Sugar is not available for trading in MCX exchange.So you cannot trade.Agri products you can trade in present month contract.

You can find all available Commodities trading on MCX here
Like Ragavendran confirmed, Sugar is not available on MCX

Thank you everyone. I can’t trade cardamom as I continue to get this message “RMS:Blocked for mcx_fo CARDAMOM19JANFUT block type: ALL”. And don’t see any response too this issue for similar posts in the past.

Sorry, had mentioned Zinc in my earlier post. It is cardamom that I am not able to trade.

Sugar, btw had a good trade setup in the international markets. We don’t have sugar here and so you see the sugar companies doing well. Some folks really know the stuff…