What are the difference between Robo vs Algo Trading?

what are the difference between Robo vs Algo Trading?

I thought Robo trading is widows based programee but without the approval from Exchanges ( not directly connected with exchanges)

Algo is approved from Exchanges and directly linked with NSE servers.

is my understanding right?

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Taking a trading decision (Entry/Exit)  with the use of a computer language based on certain set of instructions is generally called Algo Trading...The language may be anything..AFL.C++,Python,MQL etc..Your set of instructions may be as simple as Buy certain Stock at particular time or as may as complex which uses..many indicators and mathemetical models to take trading decision and Order slicing etc.If U want to fully automate your algo legally then U require approval of your algo from exchange..for semi auto no approval is required

Robo Trading...fully automating your algo (Not Legally) without the need of approval from exchange.
Robo Trading is a kind of software which acts a bridge between your Charting Software and trading terminal.What it does is if u got a entry/exit signal in your charting software, it automatically places order with predefined details...It does not require human intervention.But retail clients are not allowed to do automatic trading in India as per rule and Your Trading terminal is normally not enabled / not having the feature of automatic trading..

But the Robo software are designed in such way that it can interact with the terminal and place order without your intervention.


so it means now retail traders can do automate trading with the help of robo software right? please guide