What are the differences between an ETF & a FoF?

So far, I know that an ETF is traded like a stock, so the price can change throughout the day and that it requires a demat account and a stock trader to buy/sell.

FoF seem to be like Mutual Funds, and they can invest in ETF’s, equities & debt instruments as well. If a FoF just invests in one ETF, they carry a higher expense ratio than the ETF as they have another layer of management.

If all this is true, why should I invest in a FoF when compared to an ETF ?

I’m particularly curious about the Bharat Bond 2030 ETF vs FoF. I have a Zerodha account, does it make any sense for me to buy the FoF from the AMC rather than the ETF.?

The only advantage with FOF is one can do automatic SIP which isn’t possible with ETF.

Other than that there is not much difference. Whether you want to invest in ETF or FOF, at the end of the day it is personal choice.