What are the mutual funds that have beat nifty 50 for last FY?

Does anyone have a list of mutual funds that have beaten nifty 50 for last FY?

How many Mutual funds have beaten nifty 50 index(saying nifty 50 not nifty 100 or any other index)?

More than 67% of actively managed U.S. equity funds underperformed the S&P Composite 1500 index, which comprises 90% of all U.S. publicly traded companies, over three years; 72.8% of funds fell short over five years, 83.2% fell short over 10 years and 86% over 20 years.

gives mutual funds, category average and NIFTY 50 TRI returns, which you might be looking for.

However, curious to know, what kind of decision making you would be doing with this data. Can you open up a bit on context, I mean how last FY performance with respect to Nifty 50 is useful. ?

It’s as @Per_Crore said. I couldn’t find proper data as to which MF beat the nifty 50 index. I just wanted to know what portfolio they are having and who are those fund manager. It’s actually very hard to guess and say which fund manager is going to beat nifty when buying up MF. Not like MF don’t perform well , but say their performance is not great compared to nifty 50 why anyone would go there instead get nifty index fund and have less expense ratio. Btw this is for buy and hold for long period.

For short term better to take risk and enter small cap with expertise of fund manager.

The advisorkhoj link (when viewed from laptop/desktop) gives yearly returns for last few years and respective category avarage as well as nifty 50 TRI returns.
I think this will solve your problem.

If multiyear investment is your goal, I would suggest to study following two factor indices published by NIFTY
1.Alpha Low Volatility
2. Low Volatility
May be it will help you to take better informed decision .