What are the parameters that decide the best 'free' Demat Account in India?

Want to know more about What are the parameters that decide the best ‘free’ Demat Account in India.

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Zerodha is good broker, using since last 7 years.!!!

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The parameter depends from person to person.

For me, it is how much money is at stake ? Can you take a risk on your investments, whether someone has agreed to offer their demat services for free or paid. It is about the public confidence in a broker.

Using the services of Zerodha since five years and never had to contact them because there was a mistake on their platform or something was not working right. Zero inconvenience and full confidence about the safety of funds in their hands.


If you want a free demat account, make sure that you check the pricings carefully. There shouldn’t be any hidden costs. Besides, reliability of the broker should be your prime concern. I am using finvasia, it’s a zero cost broker and doesn’t charge anything for account opening, account maintenance or as brokerage.


Go for Finvasia or Dhan. Absolutely free demat accounts.

full time trader?

Full Time From Past Couple of Months, once algo full tested, will Switch to IT Job back again.