What are the profiles of people who approach Portfolio managers for managing their money?

School teachers?

who else?

Are there surveys available online that discloses the customer base of portfolio managers?

Hmm… didn’t get your question.

Today the biggest distributor of PMS, MF, AIF products are wealth management/advisory firms like IIFL Wealth, Edelweiss, etc. So portfolio managers on their own may not really be distributing as much, most of it could be happening through wealth advisory/management firms. These firms charge fees for distribution.

Products like PMS/AIF are typically sold to rich people, doesn’t matter how they got reach. I don’t know if too many school teachers unless they have inherited some money would fall in the rich category.

Btw SEBI is planning to increase the minimum account size for PMS to Rs 50lks from the current Rs 25lks. It might post that be better off to run an AIF (as there is flexibility to do a lot more) as compared to PMS. Minimum entry into an AIF (Alternate investment fund) is Rs 1 crore and the fund has to be minimum Rs 20 crores.


Which is the largest hedge fund in India and how is hedge fund universe on India as compared to other countries .
Also aren’t hedge funds classified under AIF category 3 in India.

Check this doc from SEBI, explains difference between various AIFs


Don’t know the largest.


Thanks Nithin. Thats all I needed to know.

Problem however lies in the fact that its almost impossible to figure out a rich fellow from a group of people,especially when a PMS guy is around.

Is there any way to do that?

This is the future, everyone from google to all the UPI payment apps, all want to profile clients using alternate means. Today only banks can tell who is rich and who isn’t. But soon many other companies will be able to - payment apps, demat account providers if clients hold wealth in terms of stocks, tax filing apps, apps with access to emails/sms, credit rating apps, etc.

Today the biggest distributor of wealth products are banks and depositories. Soon it will be all these new age apps.

I can’t think of a non-tech way to find out who is the rich person in a group. Even if you can find one, it is not sustainable to run a business that way. One of the strategies of non-tech companies has been to hire people who have worked for other wealth companies. When you hire, they bring their data along with them of rich people.


Thanks a lot once again Nithin