What are your experiences with tipsters and Intraday astrologers

Looking forward to hearing from the community as to what made them fall for tipsters in the first place and how and when did wisdom prevail.

For fun, once I agreed to a Gujarat based tips provider for a free trial and he gave me a stock name that was not even on the Zerodha platform.

Nextly he gave a more decent name but with a SL of 15 rupee and a target of 1 rupee.

He claims to have a 110% accuracy.

Day trading is an extraordinary skill that you develop overtime by practice but once you rely on tipsters you are betting your profits on someone else’s intelligence and once he gets it wrong (which by the way he will at some point) you would lose all of your earnings and you would be back to square one doubting trading itself and preaching everyone else how bad day trading is. There can’t be a more terrible way to earn money.


Can you tell the stock name?

I wish I could remember the stock that was not on the MIS approved list.

This was way back in 2017.

The other decent stock name he gave was Vedanta… I remember it was peaking at its 52 week high or thereabouts.

If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice.


Maybe they have already bought it and want the price to go up, so telling others to buy.

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There are many astrologers predicting the stock market future , bull bear , buy , sell etc .

Do astrology predictions via stars moon sun grah nakshtra planets positions constellation etc affect and work and predict the share market ?

Does astrolgy affect intraday movements ?

so usually anyone falls for tipsters in the lure of a quick profit without doing the research and other due diligence and also they will always claim that their accuracy rate is 100%, 120% and so on so it gets easy to fall for these tipsters as a green horn because we don’t understand the nuances and granular details of the market and we think that we can get quick buck without any effort. but eventually as we study and go into details and also with the painful experience with these tipsters we truly get the true picture of the market and realize the fact that no one even Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger can predict the market with 100% accuracy. In the long run they can have a range of the price movements but the exact price can’t be predicted by anyone.