What are your liquid bees returns?

I computed my liquid bees returns for past few months and seems like I’m getting only ~3.42% per year.
It is lower than saving bank interest.

What are your returns?

Yep, that’s because the returns in the form of dividends are credited after deducting DDT.


Not possible.

Go for the liquid mutual funds listed by zerodha

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That return is post tax given that the dividends you receive are tax free. They are taxed at 29%. The pre-tax returns of LIQUIDBEES are equal to an Overnight fund.

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…and you havent asked but liquid funds…i have on coin 2 prominent ones.

Suddenly from an expected 6.5 % …am actually getting barely over 5%.

All in last 30 days…

It is a very low interest rate environment with inflation on the higher side. Hopefully it’ll pass by the next year