What are your liquid bees returns?

I computed my liquid bees returns for past few months and seems like I’m getting only ~3.42% per year.
It is lower than saving bank interest.

What are your returns?

Yep, that’s because the returns in the form of dividends are credited after deducting DDT.


@Bhuvanesh instead of pledging liquid bees to get margin, can we open a idfc 3 in 1 account and block the required margin in the bank account itself and then generate 6-7% return even though we have given zerodha the right to claim the blocked money in the bank account in case of fno losses?

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Not possible.

Are real returns from liquid bees really 3.86%? What are some of the alternatives beside nifty bees?

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Go for the liquid mutual funds listed by zerodha

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That return is post tax given that the dividends you receive are tax free. They are taxed at 29%. The pre-tax returns of LIQUIDBEES are equal to an Overnight fund.

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…and you havent asked but liquid funds…i have on coin 2 prominent ones.

Suddenly from an expected 6.5 % …am actually getting barely over 5%.

All in last 30 days…

It is a very low interest rate environment with inflation on the higher side. Hopefully it’ll pass by the next year