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I want to invest in the leader of the pharma sector (Sunpharma) and I understand why the sector has been falling for the last few years, thanks to one of the answers here, my question is,
how far is the idea true that if an industry has demand in the future the companies and share price will grow because it does not happen to be truth in the pharma sector.
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@Sam_Mathew you are absolutely correct with the potential demand and company growth theory, but that is not the complete picture, there are more deep things to be taken into consideration.
The company’s growth is determined by how much demand it serves by providing supply, maybe along with the huge demand, there is huge supply (high competition - no one have any edge) that is what happened with the pharma.
And this is not enough, there is more to it; the opportunity exists if the potential demand has not been factored into the price, unlike in Reliance industries, the same thing happened at the time of JIO.

So before investing in Sun pharma, do make sure that it has the capability to capture maximum market share of the present and upcoming demand. You can check the fundamentals of the company.

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WOW! man, I have never seen investing from that sight, have never heard or leaned from these so-called pro investors.
Thank you very much @Pro_Investor

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@Sam_Mathew I’m glad it helped you :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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