What are your thoughts on India's electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem's growth?

Tata Motors has set a new high today, with a trading high at 523.85 and a current valuation of over ₹68,000 crores, according to sources.

TPG Rise climate and ADQ have invested $1 billion in the company. I’m guessing that this investment will draw other competitors to reconsider and speed up the launch of new EVs.

Tata Motors plans to introduce new electric vehicles. The Tata Nexon EV is a huge success. Tata Altroz EV is set to launch this December. In both the petrol and diesel sectors, Tata Altroz is already a popular vehicle. I think the company has successfully convinced customers and investors of the EV ecosystem’s growth in India. The stock is on a bull run, having returned more than 220% in the last year. We can assume how ambitious investors will be after the recent news.

Today was the Tata Motor show, after all. :smiley:

Given the fact increasing fuel prices in India, everyone purchasing a two-wheeler or four-wheeler will think of electric vehicles. I believe the Indian automotive industry is expecting a major disruption. With all of the government initiatives to adopt the use of electric vehicles in India.

Everyone, please share your views on Tata Motors or any other auto stocks that have huge potential for growth in the EV category.

As a consumer, I see the following cons with EVs -

  1. Lack of charging infrastructure, especially for those living in apartments.
  2. The initial cost of acquisition is high. Compare the prices of Tigor ICE and Tigor EV.
  3. Uncertainty about the future - Let’s face it, it’s a new technology. We don’t know how the car would behave in the long run.

EV could be a great city car and maybe someone’s second car. But, for someone who owns just one car, I think they’d continue to prefer ICE cars.

Regarding stocks, there are only two stocks in the listed space who are making EV noises. One is Tata Motors and the other is M&M.
Maruti is yet to disclose any plans on how it wants to tap the EV market.


I agree, the noise is around these 2 stocks but this is an assembly-line type of business. I believe that many companies will be involved, both directly and indirectly, and will benefit from EV ecosystem.

So, This isn’t only car manufactures. You see Hero MotoCorp is invested in Ather, TVS is rolling out EV 2 wheelers.

You never know, if we connect the dots, we might get a lot of growing stocks.

Yes, one stock I can think of is Tata Power which is going big into building charging stations.

Other than that, we could research more on Lithium Ion battery manufacturers and the raw materials required to manufacture those batteries. EV cars in general have lesser components than ICE cars.

Soon multiple fund houses like Nippon, Navi are coming up with EV focused funds. That would be one way to invest in this theme.

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I’m really waiting for NAVI to launch some good sector and theme specific funds/ETFs.

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