What could be the reason for this situation

Sometime back a guy observed in Nifty →

  1. Nifty(underlying) is INCREASING.
  2. Both CALL and PUT Strikes are slightly OTM.
  3. Even if Nifty is moving in upward direction CALL premium is falling and PUT premium is increasing.
    Both belong to the same expiry series. Volatility is same for both. Now when underlying is increasing then what could be the reason for CE falling while PE increasing ?
    Any clue?
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Due to multiple geopolictical reasons I believe that many people are interested in Put positions, whereas there aren’t many good news for market to rally further up.

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But bro @GoutamHebbar if there wasn’t good news, underlying wouldn’t increase. But here nifty was increasing.

Is that guy you?

No it issn’t me.

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