What did you learn from trading?

You can share the lessons learned from your trading exp…, guidance and everything else…

*Needed short n sweet answers :slight_smile:


According to me Market is the greatest place to learn about finance, and life. Market's teachings on life is far more important than finance. Market taught me..

1) Humility - Market is a great level playing ground, moment you let pride in your trade, the market somehow shows you where you below

2) Patience - A profitable trade need time to evolve, if you don't have patience, you can as well cut the position, and go home

3) Respect to family - When you go back home with zero balance in your trading account, you may hate yourself, but your family wont

4) Ego - You need to accept when you are wrong, if not market will let you know in its own brutal way 

So whenever I login to the terminal,  I make it a point to remember that no matter what I do, markets are always one up  ...even if George Soros is sitting next to me.  


Very honest.


“I am not smart as much as I was thinking of”.


I learnt that:

(1) Market is always right

  • no use fighting it
  • if a trade is going against you, reverse it.  One is not in this for being right, but to make money even if one is wrong

(2) Staying humble is difficult

  • specially when making large profits
  • when one is not humble, profits get converted into losses

(3) Market can be an addiction

  • don't think about the market all the time
  • have friends and other interests

(4) Practice makes perfect

  • don't give up easily
  • record your trades and thoughts, analyse them, learn from them

The EXPERIENCE that can be gained while doing ANYTHING, is more VALUABLE ultimately, than the money that is earned from it.


I read much about trading, How we can start it, What we should keep in mind when we are trading. One thing I feel that, emotions never work here and stock market goes on assumptions, and whose assumptions will be good , who have experience about the market, so he will be aware about the market tactics.

Second thing is that market is so volatile that never prepares for both sides but expect good returns, I learnt this thing from MMFSolutions.com blogs.

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There are things in your control and those which are not(most of it :slight_smile: ). No point worrying/brooding about those things which can’t be controlled.


A few things it has taught me are

  • All the education and degrees in the world cannot give you the courage or the skills to trade. Many people who have good credentials still think the market is a scary place.

  • You most of the times start fresh. Like they say the market has no memory. It doesnt care you fared really bad in your last trade. It can still bless you with a good return in this one.

  • Taught me courage. Fortune favours the brave. Those who are willing to take calculated risks, will be rewarded.

  • It has shown me a path on escaping 9 to 6 crappy job and do something for someone just for the paycheck everymonth. These days I see my daily salary on screen end of day. Some days I dont get paid :P. But I like the whole process.


‘Market is always full of opportunities’, so if you miss out on a good trade today, don’t worry, let it go because tomorrow you will have another chance to enter another good trade.

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profitability is very dynamic.

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I am a new but I learn an lot from trading, this is the place where any known person can make good profit from the market, because here beginner can’t survive, knowledge, not knowledge, good knowledge is compulsory


 I learn one thing, trading is not easy if you don;t know about it. Stock market fluctuate, so we have to prepare for this. And we have to patience, suppose if you earn money in a day, then you will again try to invest in same place, and you make a loss. So keep patience and analyze the market then, invest.

Second thing keep away your emotions from the stock market, here emotions doesn't work. If you make a loss and again you will do the same mistake and hope some miracle will, so it's not possible.

One thing here strategy for trading works.   


That it takes a lot of PRESSURE, but if you can sustain through all the hardship, life can be BEAUTIFUL. Remember, pressure can burst pipes, but it makes diamonds too.

  1. It’s not as easy as it looks!!

  2. The odds are against you.

  3. You need to be one hell of a disciplined/ objective/ smart ass with a lot of luck to succeed!

  4. Be prepared to loose alot of money.

  5. When you get things right, it is the best feeling in the world! :slight_smile:

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Predictions VS Probability

Trading is broadly classified as prediction based or probability based trading.

Virtually market is unpredictable. That means prediction based trading is not advisable.

On the other hand stock trading is purely a probability game.

Probability trading is strategised based on risk:reward ratio and success rate. Risk means stop loss and reward means target. So the strategy will have precise specifications like targets, stop loss etc.

Bottom Line : Learn & Earn !

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Hello Fellow Traders,

One insight I get on every new trading day is,

" What I knew yesterday was not a good strategy considering what I learnt today"

I guess the possibilities to explore in stock market is close to infinite.


Amazing and honest thoughts, Nice.

It has been answered a lot before,
But it’s gold
And you just summarised so easily.