What did you learn from TradingQNA this year?

Tell us what you learnt from this forum in Fy2022-23 ?

Trading QNA has been pivotal in my investment journey saving thousands of rupees this year. The experienced investors/traders when they share their wisdom - it can catapult you to another level !

Few things that benefited me are

  1. getting to know that GOI bonds pay interest on the date mentioned rather than the number of days you are holding unlike SGBs
  2. Importance of maintaining a trading journal
  3. USDINR & its impact on stock markets
  4. Inflation & interest rate correlations
  5. And obviously making some new online friends in the trading community !

what did you learn this year?


Some options knowledge.

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This one…

I am here since the last two years at least and I have learnt a lot from the members here. In addition to the useful information I got here I also gotta know how others think. Understanding other physiology is very important. I have shared my contact number to at least 5 of them in this last one year. It’s always good to know more people. I had once disclosed my locality and one of the members recently told me he is coming to my city and we can meet. We are yet to meet though.

The mods over here are much better than zerodha customer support. Otherwise we get copy paste replies which make no sense most of the time. This is like the biggest positive of this forum.

I was awarded this badge recently. Only 11 with this badge. Out of this 4 are mods. Lol. Now I do not know if I am that jobless or I am just too addicted. :sob::sob::sob:


Jason Addictino :grin:

Your location already mentioned in your profile


May be he meant the area he lives in the city :thinking:

Yeahhhh. But he contacted me in private only after I mentioned it here on one of the posts. :hugs:
And now I know it’s there in my profile :joy::joy::joy:

  • Lots of interesting insights on markets, taxation, trading psychology from the fellow community friends.

  • Opportunity to share and improve our own understanding on many market topics.

  • @nithin answering many questions ranging from markets to economy to even fitness.

  • Impact of all the regulatory changes. We get a comprehensive discussion on all aspects most of the time.


I had it but since I got my account deleted sadly, it’s no more… :sweat_smile:

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i learnt I shouldn’t have quit my job for options trading

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thats too steep. what made you quit your job?

i made 40 % returns in a day trading options, i did that a couples of times. that made me over confident, so i quit my job. over traded and lost all capital. also my my boss wanted me to work from office and i got too used to working from home. so that was also a major reason.

so what are you planning to do now?

i am planning to open a network of youtube channels chasing niche audiences, if i fail perhaps i’ll go back to a job after a year

About what?

that’s work in progress

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Im ready to come if you promise to take me to Pabba’s

Done deal.

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