What do brokers gain by giving MIS leverage?

More brokerage? Why would someone lend money for 6 hours without demanding interest?

the brokerage earned by giving leverage will be far greater than earning minimal interest daily… how much interest one will earn in a day if say interest rate is 12 percentage? 0.03 percent… is it even worth it when one can earn brokerage far greater…

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Also understand that if on the same day you get the money back, one does not lose interest. Take example of say your saving bank, you take out the money in morning and deposit it back in the evening you will get the same savings bank interest.

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Is it so? I didn’t know

Really? Hm didn’t know that.


is it true that exchange gives/shares its part of the revenue earning profits , with the broker based on the turnover volume generated by the broker ?

if this is so , then , can the client also demand the share in the revenue , as , it is the client who has contributed in generating the volume turnover ?

pls enlighten !

Yes, the exchange does share some part of its revenue with the broker by giving them rebate/discount on the exchange transaction charges.

This is how Zerodha advertises that it is giving Equity Delivery for free, whereas Zerodha is in fact earning by charging users the higher non-discounted exchange transaction charge, and then pocketing the discount from the exchange.

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@siva is it true?

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The person you tagged has been replying in all the threads since morning but has still not replied to your question. Hope that answers your question.

There are no free lunches only marketing gimmicks. :grinning:

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