What does EPS Earning Per Share in balance sheet means at the time of quarterly financial results? What are its implication to stock


Earnings per share or the EPS appears on the P&L statement and not on the balance sheet.

It is one of the most sacred number that the investors  watch out for. 

In simple terms, it tell us how profits the company fared for every 1 share outstanding in the market.

For example : Bosch India made a profit of 884 Crs the financial year ending 2013. The total number of shares outstanding in the market is 3.14 Crs. So dividing 884 / 3.14, the EPS works out to Rs.281.75/- per share.

Continuing on this, Bosch's stock price is 12,920 as of today's close. Dividing the stock price by EPS gives us the Price to Earning (PE) ratio..

i.e 12920 / 281.75 = 45.85.

This means traders are willing to pay 45 times more than what Bosch has earned. 

Higher the EPS better it is for the investors. 

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Is this eps helpfull in intraday?

Oh yes, it can be!
You can build an intra day strategy based on it. Suppose the EPS is 281 and therefore PE is 45…based on this you can develop something called as a PE band. If the stock goes outside the PE band you can short it with an expectation that it will fall back its average PE and viceversa,