What does Period refer to in Period Min/Max function?

Hello @Streak

Help me understand this function. While using the Period function does it consider the period as in days or as a number of candles??

Any link with an explanation is also fine.


Hello @Chaitanya.Sahu

Kindly note that the Period Max function will fetch the Maximum value from the specified period (i.e, the period here referred to as the number of candles). Say for instance you use the condition “Close(0) higher than Period Max(10, High(-1))”, The function will first refer to the maximum high in the last 10 candles and if the current candle close is higher than the highest high in last 10 candles, a trigger will be generated. Similarly, the Period Min function also follows the same logic.

To learn more about the Period Min/Max function, refer to the link below:

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Hope this helps