What does "SA" and "SB" stand for in options?

STRIKE 60.00 CE : Buy USDINR (Jul) Call Option SA 0.45 SL 0.36 Target 0.49 / 0.52 / 0.56
STRIKE 60.00 CE : Sell USDINR (Jul) Call Option SB 0.28 SL 0.37 Target 0.24 / 0.22 / 0.18

STRIKE 7400.00 CE : Buy NIFTY Call Option SA 150 SL 143 Target 159 / 173 / 187
STRIKE 7400.00 CE : Sell NIFTY Call Option SB 136 SL 143 Target 127 / 113 / 99

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SA means Stop Above. This means place a Buy Stop Order Above.

SB means Stop Below. This means place a Sell Stop Order Below.

This is basically a breakout strategy in either direction and one has to place both the orders simultaneously.

Taking case of 7400 CE in your e.g.

One has to place a Buy Stop Order Above 150 which will get executed if the price goes above 150. If this order gets executed, then the SL would be 143, and 1st Target would be 159, next one 173 and finally 187.

At the same time one has to place a Sell Stop Order below 136 which gets executed if the price falls below 136. SL over here would be 146 (since this a short trade) with targets of 127/113/99.

Again these are tips and do not go for it. Do your own research.


Tanks you, You are very genius I serf lot of pages but not find answer. I am trying my own research study indicators, graph, EOD but I become 4 digit to 3 digit figure now I choose good script, good entry point
but getting loss due ti Stop Loss, thats why now I find some free tips on web. and getting questios