What does Stock Market mean to you?

Ever since I started knowing what stock markets are, one question that I have put across all of my mentors till date is “What do stock markets mean to you?”

The rationale behind asking this was to understand the philosophical side of this industry and to cultivate a deeper understanding of my interests.

As I kept on asking this question to probably a bunch of experienced folks, one thing that I learned is for some, the stock market is a bread earner while for others it is a passion or hobby and for some, this is just a daily source of being updated with the trends. However, for some, it is also a subject for life lessons (including me :slight_smile: ).

Since, the entire platform has so much to learn from, asking this question would be much more meaningful. So here I go, let everyone in this community know “What Do Stock Markets Mean To You”, need not be a technical answer, just write down what you feel.

I’ll go first.

Do not really mean to be philosophical, but getting into this field has helped me learn to accept failures, develop patience and control my anxiety. Though this is not what I do for a living per se, it has helped me cultivate a habit to be on my toes in whatever I do. And yes, this has helped me believe that the best only comes to those who wait. Overall, the stock market has a meaningful purpose in my life, basically helping me to develop habits that help me either win or learn but never stop.


Stock market to me is a platform where I can buy shares and become part owner of few of the best companies (according to me) in India. Part of my earnings is invested in these companies and I monitor the growth of these companies on a quarterly basis.

Since I am an investor and not a trader, there is nothing philosophical, which I have learnt from “Stock Market” except that after I sell, the price of stock rises (on a lighter note). Trying not to fall in love with any particular stock and sell if it falls below a threshold percentage (set by me), as I have realized that holding on to a stock for ever and ever is not in my best interest.

Stock Market is one of the avenues to invest your savings where the upside is unlimited and downside is limited to your Capital Invested and hence fully believe in Asset Allocation and experienced this first hand during the March 2020 crisis.

Discl: My personal views only


Stock market for me is an engine that generates and transfer money in to my trading account. Everyday the experience with market is exhilarating. Having such fun, I intend to remain engaged with the market as long as I am around.

If the market has taught me anything it is this - Stay disciplined, focus on the process and let money come to me rather than me chasing it around.


The valid analogy in my case would be that of a Library/Rabbit hole. If I haven’t been exposed to the markets I can’t find any valid reason why I would’ve ever spent hours looking who is Japan’s largest Glycerin manufacturer, or how why Russia jacking up prices causes Europe to be extra chilly in winters, or how a company stuck in a debt trap eventually implodes and dies. Maybe I would’ve but that’s highly improbable.

I catch myself often looking into the most random of things, only to ask why I am reading this again? Then continue reading anyway. So yeah for better or worse, the markets have been by spectacles through which I see the world. Everything under the sun is a trade if one looks long enough.

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