What does the position marker show on chart?

When order is placed I believe in both kinds of charts available in Zerodha display position marker on the chart. In case there were a few orders already placed and closed before what does the position marker for the new order show or where is placed – at the average price of the orders placed so far for the same scrip or the traded price for that particular order? (Background: Fyers shows average price and it is very confusing as I would prefer to see the value in the marker and the line of the marker which is equal to the price at which order was fulflled.)
If possible would prefer screenshot in answer or any video that shows how this works in Zerodha.


No, only on chart iq it will be displayed.

For pending order line will be displayed, for completed dot will be displayed as below, if you click on dot, price/product type will be shown.

Thanks @siva for your attempt.

I wasn’t referring to the dots displayed for the completed orders. My question is related to the Blue marker (I am assuming it is for the active order that is executed and not closed yet.) In this context let me reword my question.

For example, let’s say I had bought 1 lot at 5620 and then booked profit and closed the position. After that let’s say I buy 1 lot at 5630. Now, for this second order does the position marker line, the blue line, points to 5630 or the average of 5620 and 5630 which is 5625? (Note: Fyers displays position marker at 5625 after the second order.)

Also, to confirm are you saying TradingView charts in Zerodha platform does not show order markers?

We just show dots for completed orders, nothing like position marker line. Also only on chartiq, nothing on TV.

@siva let’s forget for a moment the dots for completed orders! I will try one more time to make the question clearer…

Note: By position marker I believe we both are referring to the blue line in the picture you shared.

  1. I buy 1 lot at 5620. Position marker will be pointing at 5620. Right?
  2. Then book profit and closed the position taken at step 1. Position marker at 5620 will be removed. Right?
  3. Now, I buy 1 lot at 5630.

Given the above steps now my question is…

Where will the position marker be pointing at after step 3?
Options: (a) At 5630 (b) At 5620 © At 5625 (d) No where (e) None of these