What does this error mean

rms:blocked for nse_cm vmart-eq bo block type: al
What does this error mean??

Looks like you’re trying to place a bracket order (BO) for VMart, a stock on which BO facility isn’t available. Not all scrips have BO enabled, you’ll find the list of stocks on which BO is allowed here: https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/BracketCover/


This error means that VMART is unavailable for intraday trading using bracket order.

Please refer to this Equity margin list for stocks available for intraday trading. Also, a 1x MIS margin is available on all stocks except for the ones on this list. What this means is you can buy and sell using MIS but you require full cash to execute these trades.

Please note that only those stocks which are eligible for MIS are also eligible for BO.