What does this mean on ccilindia about tbil

This is the link

Liquidity Weight Index Liquid Duration Equal Weight Index Equal Duration

what does that all mean?

The terms and the methodology are explained in the link CCIL TBill Index Methodology on the above page.

  1. CCIL Liquidity Weight T-bill Index:
    A flexible duration index which takes into account the pure liquidity aspect of the market.
  • The duration of the CCIL Liquidity Weight T-bill Index
    is calculated as the sum of the liquidity weighted duration of the individual residual maturity buckets.
  1. CCIL Equal Weight T-bill Index:
    A fixed duration index which provides equal weightage to all residual maturity buckets
  • The duration of the CCIL Equal Weight T-bill Index
    is based on a fixed duration of 192 days.
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Is there a T bill Bees that i dont know about?