What exactly is the difference between sensibull and streak for options?

I wanted to get started my trading journey with reasonable software I came across sensbull and streak
what exactly is the difference between the two? for options.
If so what are the pros and cons between the two?

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Streak is for algo trading/alerts and back testing. I haven’t yet started on Zerodha/Streak, but I think using Streak you can backtest stuff without coding . On streak, you can do most of whats possible with TradingView’s Pine Script plus execute algo orders on Zerodha.

Sensibull is for Option Strategies.

@nithin has been so good for retail traders.

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you also have strategies (backtesting) for options in streak to right?

Streak does not support Option Contracts. It currently supports Equity (Cash), and also Equity, Currency and Commodity Futures.

https://youtu.be/SPSeP8G_AYc after recent update it does support or is there a catch?

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Vijay, Streak now supports Options as well :slightly_smiling_face:


what exactly is the difference between sensibull and streak?

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Oh ok. Thats good. You need to update your FAQ then :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s getting updated.

No…nothing for retail traders here, Streak is not free for Zerodha accountholders further a peanut like free trial. At least they can allow paper trading for some longer time like Tradetron.