What feature would you like to see in Kite 4.0 - a note for the zerodha founders


Atleast if the platform works properly without any issues, many customers will be satisfied.
Kite looks something crazy in off-market timing…

I would like to see option chain in kite…


During market timing also such problems are there, wrong candles etc. But zerodha’s top priority is to let glitches and causes of glitches remain, and diversify its own market presence.


Please add dark theme option to kite. The present full white screen is causing eye fatigue.


Trading view is already there ,use it to ur fullest, zerodha is simple elegant,ez to use.


It would be great to have if the simple Stochastic indicator similar to what is available on Pi where user has the option to select both %K, %K slow and %D. I still don’t understand why it is already not available on kite as every other charting platform provides this simple option.


Kite 4.0 could benefit from:-

  1. Mobile app UI should show market depth of the security even in “Holdings” section.
  2. For long term retail investors who are interested in buying low liquidity securities there should be an option for buy or sell orders to stay open for weeks together. Currently one has to manually put a new buy or sell order every morning at the same price which is quite a headache.


Yes. Its a branch mark and would like to see similar to it.
Especially, volume profile details and live OI.


In kite app order window take full space that atleast best 1 bid and best 1 offer sud be visible, market move so fast that the mean time we put, it already changes, if at any corner keep showing the bid n offer would help


New Order Type: LIMIT order at LTP. here user wants to enter with LIMIT but won’t give price, system would take LTP as Limit price automatically and send to Exchange. NEST provides this functionality


It is already there. Open a chart and go to ‘Display’ option.


Agree with Rohit. There should be some button to cancel all the pending orders in one go. Canceling each one of them one by one is so inconvenient and profit repellent for traders. @nithin


Here current bids and offer even small letters


how about Range sliders that estimates the required funds for Quantity Input or Quantity for available funds. This will eliminate the Order Rejects atleast in the Case of CO and BO


Exactly. This would be a lot helpful


Already available on kite web, will soon be available on app.


Ohh I didn’t know that. Thanks for replying. But how do you know it will be soon available on app? Do you like work at zerodha? Pardon me if I’m missing on something here




Please add Stochastic RSI indicator. It’s been pending for long time.


The price at which one adds a scrip to watch list should always be shown…so as to take a call when to invest…


Yes, pls add Stochastic RSI & wavetrend oscillator if you can. Also, it would be great to see basket orders & cloud orders within kite as i see that there’s no simple way of doing it.