What feature would you like to see in Kite 4.0 - a note for the zerodha founders


You can use Autotrader for placing basket orders on kite


is it fully free?


No. It is free for the first month. After that you will have to pay




Window for Advance orders CO and BO should open Ali with normal orders, we don’t have to click ADVANCE for that, in kite mobile, to save the time takes.


I want that in kite mobile Exit or square off order should be done from the chart of open positions instead of going to pending section of order book, it will save a lot of time for fast traders, also the open position p/l should be visible on the chart of corresponding scrip when opened, and from the is the provision of Existing the position.
Please think over it and implement if found suitable.


Add strategy alerts.


This would be very useful.


Saw this type of trading on ninja trader platform. it will be really nice if we get these features on kite charts.


When is kite 4 coming? Any ideas?


Don’t know whether zerodha devs actually look at the feedbacks given here or not but here goes:

  1. Customer Support : since moving to kb their replies to tickets take anywhere between 3 to 5 days. Earlier they replied quite fast when they were still using email support. Also, the reps should read the whole issue before replying and closing the tickets.

  2. The funds available figure in kite web, mobile should be under a floating window so that it is available on all screens.

  3. The contract note figures should be calculated in realtime under funds section so that we know the net loss or profit instantly without waiting for next day.


Vtc or no zerodha


Since all the components of contract note are in percentage terms, for example, % of brokerage, % of trading value, the NET profit or loss should be easily available real time for us to take an informed decision to move out of the trade.


Enhancement for COMPARE feature in CHARTS

“compare” feature in kite charts does static comparison for now. If it is refreshed or popped out all compared components vanishes. Request to provide the correct comparison with normalized base (which is the price of each stock at the start of window) and provide EXACT running/realtime % difference being plotted in the ‘compare’ chart.
Please consider enhancing current comparison like above explanation.


I would like to see commas between numerals in the bid ask feed, also an option to toggle between million and crore format. For eg:
10000 should be 10,000
1000000 should be 10,00,000


Boss of all feature-requests!
A dedicated zerodha portal for all user requested features in Zerodha platforms.
This portal should support users to vote for the best feature-requests.
The zerodha team should be able to sort the most voted feature-request and assign a priority and timeline for each request.
If zerodha creates and uses this feature-request portal effectively, then it can easily become the world’s best broker…


Hmm… should be possible on tradingqna itself.

@siva @Bhuvanesh can we create a category here on tradingqna. Keep it unlisted so it doesn’t show up on the main feeds. We could use that place to take popular requests.


Excellent point… its a make or break for scalpers.


@siva @Bhuvanesh could you please create a category in tradingqna for user requests so that the best-chosen most-voted feature requests are implemented in the earliest releases of KITE…


You can add here, will collate all and put a poll soon.