What happen to mutual fund purchase via kfinkart app not demat account after karvy recent case?

What happen to those mutual fund which are directly purchased from kfinkart not in demat form…

Should I need to transfer them or it will be remain there…

@Bhuvan Can you.

Your mutual funds are safe. Having said that here’s why you should move to Coin :slight_smile:

  1. A single portfolio view for all your assets. With your MFs in demat, you don’t have to login to multiple portal to check your mutual funds, stocks, bonds etc.
  2. Easy to pledge or obtain loans against
  3. A single nomination for all your assets
  4. Flexibility of modifying and pausing your SIPs without any paperwork instantly
  5. We are working on a whole bunch of features that will make investing on Coin better

Thank you for supportive information, I was searching on zerodha about the process so I found that I need to attach statements of mutual fund and it will be charge 150 per page of statement it quit expensive
But here my question I need consolidated statement of all mutual fund provided by CAMS or individual statement of each mutual fund scheme
Because I have different mutual fund scheme with different AMC

I was thinking long to dematerialized my mutual fund

It’s per statement, not per page. How many funds do you have and are they ELSS, Non-ELSS or both?

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I have nearly 14 mutual fund scheme

I have very bad habit of rebalancing my mutual fund in every 4 month…:sweat_smile:

only zerodha clients allowed to transfer the MFs to the coin ; or the non-clients of zerodha can also do ?

Yes you can… Plz check support there they write very briefly…