What happens after my SIP is complete on Coin?

What happens after my SIP is complete on Coin? I want to be invested in a one mutual fund to reap returns fully till the time I need the money, and on the other hand withdraw the amount from one other mutual fund. How does it work in coin?

@Darshnik Can you elaborate your query

@eddiechris I have 3-4 SIPs that will get completed in the next month (the set number of installments will be done, in my case it was 6). What I wanted to understand was what will happen to the amount invested, will it directly be credited back to my bank account, or I can redeem/withdraw that amount from Coin portal anytime in the future I want.

The amount that was invested via sips stays invested and can be seen in the coin platform. You can choose either to let the investments grow or you can redeem them which will then be transferred to your trading account first and then you have to place a fund withdrawal request to transfer funds from trading account to your banking account.


Great, thanks for clarifying!