What happens if I buy PE

What happens if I buy for eg. PE at spot price if 9000 and underlying price is 8900. At end of d day price remains near 8980 ?

You should start learning about the options from Varsity and get your basics clear.

Iam learning there but the thing I asked is not mentioned anywhere. I even asked this question below questions section in varsity but no one answering. Even here iam asking this question second time.

Your question itself is not clear, clarify which is the spot and strike price.

Suppose I bought PE at Spot price of 9000 and price of a stock is 8900 and at the end of expiry it remains below 8900 . What will be my position? ( I mean will I be in profit or loss)

  1. 9000 PE = Strike Price not the spot price.
  2. Price of the stock i.e 8900 = Spot price.

Since it is a Put option, if the spot closes below 9000 on expiry day, you will get ((9000-closing price)*Lot size).

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Thnx…for answering my question. And yeah that was strike price.