What happens if the trader does not closes his position on expiry in MCX fututers?

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It depends on the broker you are trading with.

Most brokers don’t allow taking delivery of commodities since it’s cumbersome and thus square off positions before delivery intention period. Some contracts like base metals, crude oil etc get cash settled, so these positions can be left for expiry and the trades get settled as per the settlement price.


Yes, if your broker allows you to take delivery of deliverable contracts, you can.

I am planning to do intraday trading in base metals (Copper, Lead, Nickel & Zinc ).

Can somebody help me when I have to stop trading in current month contract to avoid delivery.

If you plan to do only intraday using intraday product type then there is no restriction, if those are coming due for physical delivery, ideally your broker itself will block it and you can move to next expiry.

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Along with what SIva said

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