What happens if Zerodha goes bankrupt?

Can this situation affect the holdings that the investors have? or can it affect the trading positions on leverage/margin?

bhai tu kaun hai kahan se aaya hai kyun dara raha hai…

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I really think that it is a relevant question… we should all know the consequences of what can happen in such a scenario…
Though it is far fetched but it can happen…

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Simple google search gave me this https://www.quora.com/What-happens-to-the-clients-shares-if-a-DP-broker-like-IIFL-or-Zerodha-go-bankrupt-in-India

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better not to put all your money in account just like we all have multiple bank accounts

First Of all
Stocks In DP Account:
1)Whatever Shares You Buy are Stored in DP , in Simple Language Digital Locker for storing Shares ,in India There are Two Locker a)CDSL B)NSDL, we at Zerodha Use CDSL . so Whatever Stockes You Buy on Zerodha will be Stored on CDSL . You can View that Stock Also on cdsl Website. so If something Happens To Zerodha You can Claim from their.
2)Funds In Demat Account
Basically, the governing body SEBI ensures that the client who has invested/deposited money with the broker does not stand to lose if the broker screws up. This holds good only in cases of fraud, counter party insolvency etc. SEBI has mandated the stock exchanges (NSE, BSE, MCX, NCDEX etc.) maintain an investor protection fund to compensate the clients of the stockbroker in the event that the unforeseen happens. It’s called “Investor Protection Fund”.

your demat holding is always safe as the shares are held by NSDL /CDSL.