What happens to delisted stocks in Demat account

What happens to the stocks that I hold gets delisted? How long can I claim my money?

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The delisted stocks will stay in your demat, you cannot really claim any money from anyone. The only thing you can do is to try find a buyer and do an off market transaction for this. All good quality firms will do a share buy back in case they are delisting, and if you are holding penny stocks who are delisted, there is nothing much you can do other than writing off the loss.

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Does that mean we cannot close the demat account unless the delisted company shares are sold. Ultimately keep paying the demat charges for life.

If you’re holding shares in a demat account that you want to close but aren’t able to transfer/sell such securities for any reason, you can still give a closure request to the DP. The DP will then mark the account under the ‘to-be-closed’ status after which no AMC charges will be applied. You will have to move the securities through an off market subsequently/sell them in order to eventually close the account.


if you want to close the account ,You have options like convert your delisted / zero value /non sell able shares in Demat account to physical form ( remat ) so as to save on demat amc . there will be one time remat charges .you can also give a written application to the DP to convert your regular demat account to BSDA account where there is no amc if your holding value is upto 50000 inr…and very nominal amc if the value is 50001 to 2 lakh inr.

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