What happens to GTT order which is triggered but not executed t executed

I placed sell GTT order against my holding as single order with trigger of 580 and limit price of 590 so now triggered is triggered at 580 but price has not reached to 590 yet.
Now I don’t see that order at all. On the day it was triggered I did notice that it was triggered but later …I can’t see that GTT order …it should be under pending orders or something correct?

I know I can place another order to sell it but worried if that triggered sell order is still in the system?

Or once its triggered - the order has to be executed same day or it will be cancelled - is that how it works?

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Once your GTT is triggered, the order which is placed will remain valid only for a day, if it isn’t executed it will be removed from the system like any other normal pending order.

Yes, this is how it works.

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Sir my sell gtt order triggered but not executed same day and the next day its still showing in the system now can’t I sell those stocks…please help

Neeta, once the GTT order is triggered, a limit order is placed which will execute at the price you’ve specified or a better price. Explained in detail here.

The order which isn’t executed, will be removed from the system by the EOD.

You can place a fresh sell order either from holdings or by adding the stock the the marketwatch.

Sir I have sold those holdings the same day when gtt order triggered but hadn’t executed…but next day under gtt tab the past day same triggered order is showing and it is blur there is no way to remove that…is it that it will take few days to get removed from the system…please reply …

GTT order, once triggered remains in your GTT orderbook for period of 24 hours, after that it’ll be automatically removed.

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Thank you so much sir for your reply…

Hi sir
My GTT sell order target got triggered and then got rejected with reason “Rejection reason
5 quantity need to be authorised at CDSL (your demat depository) to complete this order.” I haven’t given TPIN authorization for the day & I cannot edit or delete this order. The status of the order still shows as triggered. Will it create any problem at the end of the day like short sell without squareoff??


No problem, if you want to sell your holdings, you need to pre auth them on daily basis when using GTT, or auth them before placing order manually from Kite.

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what happens after that arvind did any auction thing happened or any other thing that you have mentioned

Nothing happened as of now… The triggered order got automatically removed after the day.

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actually i have placed sell gtt order and after it being triggered it has not been placed due to same reason as you have mentioned above so i want to know does you face any sell auction , short sell or just any type of extra charge that has been deducted from your funds section . i have sold that triggered stock on the same day and also ii have not authorized it . so can i face any short sell or auction ?
have you authorized it on the same day before 5 pm

In Vested.co.in App the “Limit Order” stays forever.

Also, the app doesn’t have 3 options, “Trigger price”, “Qty”, “Price”. Just 2 options “What price to buy” and “How many shares”. Which is simple!

  1. Problem 1

Trigger price creates problems like

Error modifying GTT

Trigger price was too close to the last price. (difference should be more than 0.25%)

  1. And Problem 2

Once your GTT is triggered, the order which is placed will remain valid only for a day, if it isn’t executed it will be removed from the system like any other normal pending order.

In vested.co.in App the order just stays there for like 3 or 6 months. It just buys the share at the given price (or) won’t execute.

Nothing happened as I worried until now. The triggered order got rejected and removed at the end of the day.