What happens to your short position if scrip is under ban on expiry day?

What happens when you have put short in a scrip that is under ban and you did not get a chance or you did not square off existing …and even during the last week and last day of expiry it is still under ban …what happens to your short put position ? do you still have to take delivery? @ShubhS9

Stock F&O are physically settled, if your Option expires ITM, you’ll have to take Delivery of underlying shares.

Sir in the above quarry… The stock is temporarily banned… Then why we shouldn’t Square off our open option contracts ??
Means if the stock is under ban then new equity / option position can’t be taken but why can’t we Square off the open option contract and itbhet exercised?
Can you clarify a little bit @ShubhS9

When stock is under ban period, you cannot take any fresh position, but you can exit your existing position.

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