What happens when stock is moving against index?

hey guys

i have seen l and t against index nifty 50.
its in nifty 50 index.

but as i was studying previous month charts i saw it was moving up while index with down or in sideways.
i know it is possible for a stock to go against trend but it remained there for many days.
what it signifies??

is it the symbol that stock is going to go down soon or what??

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Nothing like that.
Please google and research on the concept called “Relative Strength”
If a stock is not falling even if market is down steeply - this means something is holding it up. So may be when market recovers it will skyrocket.(maybe)

Blessed Day,

just want to make sure if I misunderstand something, is the index effect is what happens when a given stock is added or removed from a major stock index?

Moreover, I need to know what happens when a stock joins the S&P 500?

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check option data

It can happen… Because nifty50 is not making the stock move its the stocks in nifty 50 moves the nifty…

Nifty is moving up… Its means some heavy weightage companies are moving up… And some stocks may move against the index… Because of its technicals or of some news…