What Happens When we BuyBack Sold Delivery Stock on Same Day?

I have +1000 Quantity Holding in Demat.
I sold -1000 Quantity And then did BuyBack again +1000 by exiting position.
So Question

  1. is this Trade Considered as Intraday? or Delivery?
  2. Will this Stock get Deducted from Demat or not?


Hi @Akshay_Gadekar

It is considered as an Intraday trade

And since it is an intraday trade, the stock won’t be deducted from your Demat and it doesn’t affect the buy average of holdings too.

Explained here: How is the buy average affected when shares from holdings are sold and bought back on the same day?

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Okk Thanks For Clearinf my Doubt
So simply that trade will be charged as Intraday Trade.

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That’s correct. :slight_smile: