What happens when you don't square off an intraday order

I want to ask about both cases.

A) When it’s a buy intraday order
B) When it’s a sell intraday order (Short selling with a negative share balance in the account)

What will happen in both cases?

We will try to square off but it is responsibility of client to close that position, for any reason if it is not squared off then

Next day it will be squared off if there is no enough cash, if money is available then it is upto client.

It will go for short delivery.
More on short delivery here.

Thanks. Just need slight more clarification regarding this.

So from my understanding, the default automatic action is square off. Maybe I ask why you might fail to square off the position?

What happens when a stock Hits lower circuit limit, exchanges halted the trading for that day and we are short on it(intraday)?
What consequences we have to encounter like short delivery?

Instances were intraday positions can be left open are when stocks hit circuits(longs are left open in case of lower circuit, shorts in case of upper circuits).
For F&O stocks trading in Equity, when stocks hit circuits, circuit limits are revised after a cooling period of 15 mins. For instance, today, ZEEL hit upper circuit after 3.15 PM and circuits weren’t revised. This would have left short positions open today as there were only buyers and no sellers at the circuit price

You can read this post for the consequences of short delivery.

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Under any circumstances, is it possible that zerodha offers the stocks (at a cost obviously) to clients to prevent a short delivery? Without reporting it to the exchange)