What if Berkshire Hathaway was a hedge fund and Warren Buffet charged 2 and 20?

I know we get irritated by these constant comparisons especially the if you had invested 10k in so and so stock, you would be making these many crores and if your grandma had a mustache, she would be your grandpa and so on.

But, the following story is pretty interesting how the impact of fees can basically leave us with peanuts.

~ If Buffet ran a hedge fund - These would have been the charges ~

Berkshire Hathaway has done so well that your 10,000 investment in Berkshire would have grown to a mind-boggling ₹10.89 crores.

However, if instead of running Berkshire Hathaway as a company in which Buffett co-invests with you, had he set it up as a hedge fund and charged the usual hedge fund fee structure of 2/20 (i.e. 2% management fee + 20% of any gains), then the ₹10,000 investment would’ve only become ₹89 lakhs — the balance ₹10 crores would’ve been pocketed by Buffett as fees!