What if nifty reaches strike price before expiry date?

I sold nifty at strike price 11100 for 28th July 2018 and wondering if nifty will reach to strike price before expiry date?
Does it mean I lost the bet once it touches strike price? once it reaches there - that is it?

or I can still wait if nifty goes down after reaching the strike price?

If you are selling options your breakeven point would be the strike price sold +premium recieved.And for the buyer of that contract, it has go above the strike price+premium paid.

ok premium I was paid was 48 Rs. so strike price + premium is 11100+48=11148
expiry date is 28th July 2018
let say for example on 1st july nifty reaches 11150 …does that mean I lost the money in other words buyer can exercise his right? or nifty needs be at this level on expiry date ?

If Nifty goes above 11100 any day your loss started but managed to close below 11100 on expiry you will get full premium as option price become zero/worthless.

So in short , even if it crosses strike price before expiry date …seller won’t loose money …seller will loose money only if price on expiry date is higher than strike price correct?