What is a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS)?

Can i buy shares in Individual account and then transfer these shares to HUF account for this I was given a reply by Zerodha Support team as DIS .

Please explain What is DIS ?

DIS refers to “Delivery Instruction Slip”. Like the cheque book for your bank account, the DIS is for DEMAT account. You can use DIS for transferring shares from one DEMAT to another.

DIS is Delivery Instruction Slip.

This is issued by a DP when you open a Demat account with them. DIS can be used for all transfers and transactions on your demat account as per your requirement.

To transfer shares you will be required to submit a Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) to your Depository Participant (in simple words Demat account provider) for transferring shares from your individual account to the HUF Demat account.

Team, I don’t remember receiving a DIS Slips when I opened my account at Zerodha ? Any idea on how can I get the same ? Can I use e-slip or it has to be hard copy ?

Hi @dipen01

Check out this support article.

DIS booklets are given to clients only on request. You need to fill the DIS Request Form & send it to our Head office.

Once we receive the forms, we will courier the DIS booklet to your registered address within 24-48 hours.

Note - the 1st DIS booklet will be free of charge. This booklet will have 10 slips. After this, for additional booklets, you will be charged Rs 100 + GST.

Thanks Kshiteesh, Any way for me to get it issued via email. Sending a DIS Request Form seems like a very cumbersome / time consuming / expensive process.