What is a reliable time chart for intraday?

what is a reliable time chart for intraday?


Dear Kaleem,

I’m sorry but your question is so vague and meaningless.

By the way, I suggest you use this site: http://www.spellcheck.net/ to do an online spell check of the questions you post. Figure out if the question you are posting makes sense. Maybe you can take the help of any of your friends who trades the market before posting relevant questions here.

I do not understand and I’m sure nobody would understand when you say “realizable time chart”

If you are asking what time of the day the Intraday chart looks the best, then you should know that each day is different. What happens on one day doesn’t really replicate on another. Although they say history repeats, its unlikely that it happens on successive days. So no body can tell you that an Intraday chart will be reliable at this point of time.

Also, I’d suggest asking intelligent questions to keep this forum more meaningful.

Happy Trading :slight_smile:


Depends upon the strategy bro, however I use 5 mins for intraday. I am also considering 3 mins now. In the process of narrowing the stocks to trade, then will backtest it. Will keep you posted mate, cheers!

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I think it is 5 mins for intraday (Index Futures).

5 min, you will not be late you will not bee soon,but you will enter right time & exit.

HI Kaleem,

Market doesn’t have timeframes. Market is just a stream of information. We have introduced them to interpret the information provided by the market. So it doesn’t matter which timeframe you use to trade unless you dont know how to handle the timeframe. The smaller the timeframe, the more fast you have to take the decisions(ie. buy,sell or hold). So start with higher timeframes and keep on decreasing it until you find moderate timeframe for your mindset which doesn’t makes you frustrated with patience or aggression.

Even i am a novice trader and I personally use 5min chart for my trading and yes i am cofortable with it now.

Hope this helps… :))
Happy trading.

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5 min should be ok.

if you want to do scalping, 2 min or 1 min is better. This 2 min or 1 min data will have too much noise, i mean sudden up or down (lookalike but not real).

If you are a beginner, 15 min chart should have very less noise and should give proper indication to you. When you are better in handling things as and when you learn, you can move to 5 mins chart or lesser.

@Sameer Bhagat, Dude, don’t get hyper, keep your cool. I think he meant ‘reliable’ and not ‘realizable’ as you misunderstood.

I think you have not read the question, on title it seems little okay. In description kaleem mentioned realizable.
I think Sameer is right.
Very few ppl are answerers in this forum and if the questioners do not provide a proper and detailed question, they are at loss.
Its better to guide a new person like what Sameer did. Hope you agree.

@AastroGuru Yep

My English is also bad Sameer, and I guess there are many like me but why did you so rude sameer ? Has ZerOdha appointed you to judge intelligent questions ? Ego kills dear…!! This forum is for help and “Help” stands for “Kindness”, which is missing in your answer.

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