What is approx price of G-Sec of 30 years bond discovered through auction?

The initial amount for 667GS2050 is upcoming auction is 104.06 per unit. What is the price discovered through auction? Will it be close to 100 or close to but less than initial unit price (104.06) or less than 100? I know the price being determined by bidding process. But what is generally observed? How real yield should one expect for 6.67 coupon?

Can RBI cancel auction without allotting any bond after a particular auction? If that happens what is the reason cited by RBI justifying cancellation?

Also if one purchase this bond via NSE goBid or BSE Direct account (such account being registered with Zerodha as broker option), will the same bond be visible in Zerodha Account (either in Coin or visible in Kite) and same can be traded/sold through Kite?