What is "auctions" in Kite order page?

Just noticed “auctions” tab under order page. What is it, I cannot find any article regarding it, when was it introduced?

I assume, it is related to selling stocks in auction market (If someone has short delivered). Can someone give details, please?

Thank you

Whenever there is short delivery, the exchange conducts an auction on T+2 day and tries to buy the shares and deliver it to the buyer.

Using the Auctions feature on Kite, if you hold the shares, you can sell in the Auction market. You can check out how the process works here: Can a client participate in the auction markets in Zerodha?

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@ShubhS9 Does bids placed by NSE visible only during 2.00 to 2.30 pm ? or just we have place our offers , if matches with exchange qty then it will be traded ? Does the list changes everyday ?

Few more questions

1.) Can I modify/cancel my bid till 2:30PM?
2.) If my BID Is the best bid, will the shares be sold at exactly 2:30PM?

It is 2PM, and there are 0 stocks showing for Auction. Will they only show, If I own them in Demat account?

The bids placed will show only when the Auction window is open. The list will only include the stocks you hold in your demat account.

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Order modification isn’t allowed by the exchange. You can however cancel the order during the auction market timing.

Yes, the order will execute at 2:30 PM.

Only the stocks that you hold in your demat account will show on the Auctions page.

Actually i have brought LIC stocks in IPO at 904. Now i am planned to sell at 672 in limit order, if price met that level. LIC was trading 665, in auctions tab my holding was showing to sell in auctions market.

My query is who is ready to buy 672, when stock trading 665? buyer can direct buy in market order at 665.

Hey @vishnubn8

This is exchanges trying to purchase these shares due to short delivery.

You can check on this link to learn more about this process.