What is better - sip or lumpsump?

What is better - sip in mutual funds for 18 years or lumpsump investing in market crash (same capital)?

You will be better off with SIP.

You cannot accumulate money and wait for the crash to deploy your savings, Money does not stay in the savings account for long.

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Better go with SIP, it’s much more stable and predictable here really. I do not get people who want to go all-in with big amount in market crash. In that case better go with fixed deposits I would say. I do not see any other way to be frank in your case.

Sip is made for layman. We guys have some knowledge abt markets works. We can use it in adjusting sips and invest more at crash if we saved earlier.

Yes thats quite true, human nature maybe. But i found it through various studies that investing from 23.2% from recent highs will lead to more better returns than anyone can give if script is like hdfc bank

SIPs are good but if you can time the market lumpsum can be better than SIPs.