What is BZ Category and why is Gammon India trading in that category?


I just noticed that Gammon India Limited (GAMMONIND) is trading in BZ group on NSE. Can someone explain about this group and why are stocks moved to it?

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extensions of Scrip codes

BZ group contains stocks which fail to comply with Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements (LODR) of SEBI. In the case of Gammon India Limited, it had failed to adhere to Regulation 33 on LODR which lays down the guidelines for disclosing financial results for June and September quarters.

According to the NSE circular dated December 18th, Gammon India Limited will continue to trade in BZ group until it complies with the financial disclosure guidelines.

All trades in ‘BZ’ series will be settled on Trade for Trade Basis. I.e. no intraday and BTST trades.


I have Bought few stocks like Sunil Hitech and Videocon. To my surprise the scrip codes have been changed

  1. Sunil Hi tech has become Sunihitec-BE
  2. Videocon has become Videoind-BZ

I understand that they went into Insolvency. But Why is the words of BE & BZ added to the scrip codes.

How are those terms get added. Are there any other such similar codes. If yes what are they.

Thanks in Advance


@ntkias : (1) BZ group contains stocks which fail to comply with Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements (LODR) of SEBI. (2) BE group means restricted trading which is called trade to trade .
Incidentally in both the group intraday square off is not allowed and all trade must result in 100% delivery ,maximum circuit allowed is 5% and can be trimmed to 2% ,no auction in case of short delivery but square off at heavy penalty to short seller and some broker do not even allow trading in Z group and BTST in BE group.
AND there is P group which is physical settlement group and most of the broker do not entertain dealing in this group.Popular shares in this group are Bombay oxygen ( only physical ) sunil industries ,hissar spinning ,mm rubber ,galaxy bearing etc .


How anyone could know that this stock is going to be in category of BZ or stock market is going to stop trading in that stock in upcoming months?What would happen to the money invested by investors in that stock?Can someone please explain it?


Did you read above? BZ category doesnt mean doomsday, it just means intraday is not allowed

You can track changes here under Current Market Reports -> Securities in Rolling (EQ) and Trade for Trade (BE,BT)


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Thank you for replying.
If a stock is at 0.05 at there is a circuit of 0.05 in it.Does it means that it is risky stock and it will be removed from nse in upcoming months?What are the conditions which makes a stock out of nse?