What is cash market? What is Debt market? What other markets are commonly referred to?

astroguru are you sure you dont know???

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LOL :-)) one day u wud get the answer to ur question by urself!

In previous question Karthik replied that NRML can be used in Cash Market.
I would like to clarify exactly what cash market means? Does he refer to F&O or Equites or combined both? I am assuming Equities are cash market, If so NRML cannot be used for buying/selling Equities. Does that mean Cash Market excludes equities (from Karthik’s statement)?
Also Debt markets are commonly addressed in many posts. I dont have a clear definition yet, What are all instruments can be classified as Debt Market?
I am not sure if any other market is there? Thats why the third question!

sry bro…jus take it cool.when ever there is a question for us i had seen u answer helping us improve our knowledge,that y…cool.,