What is contract value?

I received a message that the ITM options margin blocked will be 50% of the contract value.
What is contract value? How do I calculate the contract value and the margin that will be blocked?

Suppose you have taken position in SBI 200 CE, contract value calculation is like this (Strike Price * Lot Size), so for SBI 200 CE contract value will be 200 * 3000 = 6 lakhs.

As we are in expiry week, to hold this position you will need 50% of the contract value, that will be 3 lakhs (50% of 6 lakhs).

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Is this applicable for MIS position also?

Fresh long positions aren’t allowed in Stock Options on last two days of expiry.

You mean Normal and MIS, both are not allowed on the last 2 days?

Yes, Fresh Long positions aren’t allowed in both MIS and NRML on last two days of expiry week.