What is hell is happening in Veranda Ltd?

Veranda is down by 4% (130 odd levels) and it is trading at 164 (up by 20%) in BSE

any chance to make profit? what is happening? never seen stuff like ths

Difference is due to price discovery happened at different prices in NSE and BSE. In NSE it opened at 125 and in BSE it got opened at 157. The circuit limit will be calculated based on the opening price for IPO scrips.

If you have holdings you can sell it in BSE and buy it at a lower price in NSE but the scrip was already hit the upper circuit, chances of execution for buy order will be less as order will execute based on price/time priority. So the probability of making a profit is very less.
As it is in trade to trade category Intraday trading (BTST) is also not possible.


I was watching CNBCTV today when Anuj was explaining this to the viewers. He was saying he learnt something new today. He was explaining how there was only buyers in NSE and the stock had hit an upper circuit. While at BSE trade was normal at a higher market price than NSE. He also warned that this is not an arbitrage opportunity of buying from NSE and selling in BSE. I am sure there will be an explanation to this by NSE in days to come. But yes, very strange case.