What is infinity x on leverage? Margin requirement is 0, so can i buy and sell without need of any money?

please explain me the infinity x leverage requirement. 

example, in Bracket Order Margin calculation

That is some kind of error, I presume.

Infinity it says because of division by zero error. 63920/0=infinity

Since, today’s closing price of Apr-15 futures is 63.795 the turnover is around 63795 rupees.

When a leverage of 126x is considered the margin should come around 500 rupees.

It is possible that those futures have been excluded from BO or just a bug. Someone from zerodha could clarify easily, Good Luck!

BTW, you cannot buy anything in this world for free! Either the cost is hidden somewhere or you are getting fooled! Any one of this should be true! :slight_smile:

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