What is IV percentile in sensibull?


What does IV percentile value indicate here?



I think there is a website called google.com, might help. Not sure though.

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Hi Sumit,

This is the standard IV percentile plus some level of proprietary stuff we do on top of that to reduce noise and increase the fidelity of this indicator.

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Thanks again for asking for so many clarifications, and being an ardent Beta user.

@Sensibull: What kind of proprietary stuff you do on this? I’m asking as I’m seeing IV % numbers as high as 183. How to interpret this? My understanding was that IV Percentile can only move between 0 and 100 - with less than 20 being low and more than 80 being high.

Hi @dharma

IV and IV percentile are two different things. The 183 number you see is not IVP, it is IV. The IVP number you see on the site is between 0 and 100. But IV which is NOT IV Percentile can go theoretically upto any large number.

Hope this clarifies

Thank you for clarification. Yes, it did help, yet I have further question in that what is that IV number in the column next to Strike price and how to use it? What is its range? I’m happy to read up if you direct me to some source online. Many thanks.

Hello @dharma ,

There is a series of Webinars we have created on this topic which answers this question
In this page the two Webinars marked in red